Homeworld 3 gets a new cinematic trailer and short stories

Homeworld 3 Isaac concept art

With Homeworld 3 set for launch in February 2024, Blackbird Interactive are expanding the game’s background and lore with a bunch of new trailers, both showing off the in-game story, and expanding on two key characters.

This new story trailer introduces us to Imogen S’jet, the successor to fleet command and hero of the original Homeworld games, Karan S’jet. With a mysterious Anomaly threatening the Hyperspace network and Karan having disappeared in her mission to investigate it, Imogen must now lead a new Hiigaran fleet against this threat.

The cinematic trailer gives us a first glimpse of a key enemy that you’ll face off against – the Incarnate – as well as showing off the interior of the iconic Homeworld mothership for the first time.

With the voice over work for the two key characters of Imogen S’jet and Isaac Paktu, BBI are expanding on their characters with the release of some short stories to tell their tale.

“When we first created the original Homeworld, I never imagined that it would resonate so deeply with so many people,” said Rob Cunningham, CEO and Founder of Blackbird Interactive. “But that connection has become our North Star. To give players those same chills as they left Kharak behind so many years ago — but to also expand this universe and take players even closer to its beating heart. It’s exhilarating to be in the homestretch of this next chapter alongside our friends at Gearbox. We’re looking forward to sharing even more of Homeworld 3 soon.”

We went hands on with Homeworld 3 at Gamescom last year, getting a good look at the new megalith-filled space combat and everything it adds to the 3D space RTS sequel. At the time, I said, “As one of the many groundbreaking strategy series of the mid-late 90s, it’s fantastic to see Homeworld getting to step back into the limelight with a fully fledged sequel, but it’s equally gratifying to see how Blackbird Interactive are looking to take the series forward, not simply retreading the familiar ground of the decades old originals, but to introduce new ideas and modernise the series along the way. Homeworld 3 is out in 2023, and I can’t wait.”

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