What We Played #660 – Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, Diablo 4 & Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary header

We’re coming to the end of this week’s heatwave in the UK, and there’s the blessed relief of cloud and wind compared to muggy, sunny heat. So much better!

Tempted as I have been to play PSVR 2 while sweating absolute buckets into an expensive bit of electronics, I have not done that. Instead I spooked it up with Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD – a handsome remaster, though one I felt could have been more ambitious – with the opening hours of SteamWorld Heist 2, and a dash through classic Nintendo games with Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition.

SteamWorld Heist 2 Captain Ricochet attack

Also playing a SteamWorld game was Aran, who is approaching the end of SteamWorld Dig 2 and enjoying mining everything he can to power up. Alongside that, he’s also approaching the end of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, where he’s picked up most of the collectibles.

Ade and his partner have been hacking and slashing their way through Diablo 4 – “It’s surprisingly complex and menu filled for a game that is ostensibly about mashing the same few buttons again and again but we are getting the hang of it. Her Necromancer and my Druid are proving quite the dynamic duo, level 30 already!”

Incidentally, they are actually playing this as a romantic couple in their head-canon, though it’s more a great tragedy than a rom-com, because “they can never touch, the game insisting they pass through each other, like glitchy ghosts.”

Diablo 4 open world

Jim wrapped up Death Stranding, but has mixed feelings on it: “Some really interesting and unique concepts at play with evocative visual design and world-building though the novelty gradually wore off, especially in those later chapters where Kojima insists on having you sit through lengthy cutscenes. Some of the more poignant moments were lost on me as certain plot details went over my head though – after sitting through multiple YouTube explainers – I ended up liking the story overall. Fascinated to see what’s planned for Death Stranding 2.”

Dom handed in a pair of reviews for EA Sports F1 24 and for Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble, enjoying them both, while Steve stepped back two decades to play Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition remaster which was just as fun as he remembered it being. He also had a great time with Still Wakes the Deep, and finally finished the sweet Hauntii and the decent second tier Souls-like Morbid: Lords of Ire.

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary stealth

Now then, what have you played this past week? Did you dare strap stuff to your face?

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  1. Mostly watched my daughter play Gone Home, which I loved back then, and so recommended it to her. It was funny how much the beginning spooked her out.
    I continued Ghost of Tsushima, then had to renew my Plus subscription. We also tried Dredge, which is the right type of spooky for my son, it seems. Odd but interesting.

  2. I’ve shaken off the initial intimidation of Elden Ring dlc, explored the first map area and have dealt with all but the Gaol Knight. Dancing Lion wasn’t too bad – or my skills improved – defeated it on first go. Apart from the preview footage and trailers i’m playing it blind and having a wonderful time.

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