Something for the Weekend – 06/07/24

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We’re well into the sporty bit of the summer, with plenty of football in the Euros still to go (even if there’s doubts about British success), the middle weekend of Wimbledon, and the British Grand Prix. It’s a shame that the weather’s been so changeable, but then that’s the British summer for you!

In the News This Week

Games in Review & Featured Articles

We cleared some of our game review backlog this week, with some ups and downs:

Dom played the narrative adventure of Dustborn, finding a compelling mix of Telltale-alike storytelling and action, while I tried out Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, with Capcom’s latest blending together lots of contrasting genres, including tower defence, real-time tactics, action and dancing.

I also played and spoke to the makers of Infinite Inside, a mixed reality puzzle game that is looking to take advantage of the augmented reality chops of Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 in particular.

Rounding things out as always, What We Played featured Dustborn, Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail and Zenless Zone Zero.

Trailer Park

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster launch date set for September

A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead story trailer shows off snippets of noisy gameplay

#Drive Rally gameplay revealed

Your Gaming & Achievements

Here’s what you in our community have been up to this week:

  • TSBonyman shook off the early jitters from facing a new challenge in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree and dealt with all but one of the bosses in the first map area. He’s having a grand old time.
  • And Andrewww has watching his daughter get spooked by Gone Home’s opening, before diving back into his playthrough of Ghost of Tsushima and trying out Dredge (which was just spooky enough for his son!).

That’s the round up for this week. We’ll be back next week for more gaming news and more. See you then!

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  1. Is it possible you included my last week’s activities here again?

    • Not only is it possible… it happened!

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