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Day 1: We Land On Helghan

“As my Helghan virginity was brutally stolen from me, we landed in the middle of war.”

Killzone Phobia

This is not a blog, it’s a cry for help. You probably can’t even hear it over that hail of Helghast gunfire.

Killzone 2 Is…

Focused, Human, Tactical, Convincing and Rewarding. No, not TSA silly, Killzone 2.

The Music Of Killzone 2

Graphics aside, TheSixthAxis explores the true beauty of Guerilla’s Killzone 2.

PSN Kung Fu Impressions

Rag Doll Kung Fu is probably going to be super-fun and hopefully here soon


There’s a surprise here at TSA, what could it be? Dive in to find out…

Under The Radar

A quick look at games arriving in ’09 you may not have seen too much about.

PS3 vs 360 In 2009

Two consoles, one year: surely this is the year this generation is decided.

TSA Awards 2008

We discuss the possible winners, Michael ignores us and chooses anyway…

Smart, Clever, Funny

That’s you that is. Right here in our forums, showing off your intellect. Perverts.

How To Fix Home

Sony, we know you’re listening. We can hear you breathing.

Compo: Win A Keypad

Sony’s new SixAxis keypad up for grabs – Legroom wins!

TheSixthAxis GotY

What’s the best Game of the Year? You decide!

A PS3 For Christmas?

A PS3 for Christmas? Why? We can’t think of a single reason to buy one.

LBP Competition: Vote

Congrats to the winner BioShox-1h! Thanks to everyone that entered.

TSA LBP Create Compo

I steal an idea, Michael says it’s ok, TSA wins all round. We’re ace.

TSA Forum FTW!

TSA Forums are where all the cool kids hang out. And me.

Geosautus Interviewed

The man behind LittleBigPlanet’s best levels on the recent moderation issues.