leipzig 2008

Dark Levels In LBP

Want to create dark levels? With lights, and that? We think you can.

WipEout HD ‘Ready To Roll’

Our man in Germany plays ‘almost-final’ version. With Trophies.

Games Convention Awards

Games Convention Awards 2008 – winners inside…

Leipzig’s List Of 12

So, what were the 12 major announcements then? Leipzig for the lazy.

Leipzig 2008

The ever-growing post of Leipzig Love and Affection. Update: post complete.

WipEout HD At Leipzig

Future racer to be in Germany from tomorrow, problems solved?

No Price Cut This Week

SCEE deny chance of a PS3 price cut at Leipzig this week

Leipzig 2008 – The List

What’s going to be shown at Leipzig, and why this will kick arse for Sony.

Leipzig: Hopes?

ThreeSpeech ask, get all kinds of crap in response. Sort it out.

Reeves Promises Blockbusters

Global announcements and ‘blockbuster’ revelations will emerge from Leipzig.