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Sony Discontinue PS3 Keypad?

Sony bring out text chat, and then remove the ability to actually chat, if HMV are to be believed.

Sony Goes For The Casual Look

John’s at it again. Now he want’s some ‘soft’ pie. Mmmmmm Pie….

“Many Cards Yet To Deal”

Sony provide more PR talk, but there is a wicked poem. Not from Sony though, not this time.

Sony PS3 Boss Retires

David Reeves announces he’s out of the game, leaving Sony for good after 13 years of service; Andrew House steps in.

Sony Hiring Cut In Half

Half full or half empty? Surely it depends on what that particular half is…

Sony Pushing For Exclusivity

Sony now willing to match the budgets of exclusive indie PSN development.

Sony Charging For PSN Downloads?

Apparently Sony charge publishers for downloads, but Microsoft don’t.

SCE Patent Robotic Peripheral

Ever dreamed of having a robot to bug you whilst you play games? No? Me neither.

No Pay Rise For Sony Staff

Looks like Sony are feeling the pinch. Quick, buy Sackboy a t-shirt.

Sony Exec Held Hostage

They said it would be easy. 30 mins then out. They didn’t say it would be anything like this…

PSP Is A Failure!

On a day of stats we thought we’d share some more – stat-tastic!

Be LBP’s Valentine

Step this way to see the content Sony wants you to download to show your love for Sackboy.

Sony’s Game Division In Profit

400 Million Yen up: thank goodness for those £3.99 t-shirts, then. We kid.

Financial Stuff

SCEE workers dodge the bullet, Microsoft’s Euro workforce not so lucky?

Restructure News Tomorrow

Sony to announce details of its restructuring plan tomorrow. 16,000 job cuts seem likely.

Sony Axe 8,000 Jobs

Gaming divisions seemingly unaffected. Unless we missed something.

PS3 Bundles For Christmas?

Is Sony reading TSA? Has our earlier post inspired them to action?

Be Kaz Hirai – Fix Sony

The 360’s price is putting pressure on the PS3 – can you sort it out?