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The Missing Use Of Music Games

With music games becoming such a massive genre in gaming, surely there’s more that could be done with them.

Proper PSP Phone On The Way?

Have Sony finally realised that a unified phone-gaming platform is the way forward?

Expanded PSN Coming?

An in depth look at Sony’s financial future hints at a larger role for the PSN and some clever devices.

FFVII Gets 100,000 Downloads

Nostalgia sells lots, but we’re not overly surprised.

Sony Respond to Activision ‘Threat’

Activision’s Kotick tried threatening to withdraw support for PS3 to force a price cut. Now Sony respond with… nothing really.

Activision Might Stop Supporting Sony

World’s largest third party publisher calls for price cuts.

Tretton Speaks Out On Leaks

All the leaks before E3? Not staged, after all.

Wii Owners Will “Upgrade” To PS3

Andrew House, the new SCEE President, seems to think Wii is just a stepping stone.

PS3 Price Cut In August?

Rumours indicate some aggressive price reductions later this year.

Sony E3 2009 Conference Round Up

This is the one we’ve all been waiting for. Was this Sony’s E3? Yes it was.

PSP GO! Revealed Via Qore Leak

Accidental upload reveals new PSP, new Metal Gear, new Gran Turismo.

EU Blog Goes Live

Look lads, we’ve got competition of the very best kind.

Sony’s Financial Woes

Is that green shoots of recovery I see? No.

inFamous PS3 Bundle Coming?

Looks like two new PS3 bundles are about to hit Europe any time now.

Stringer Talks PSN Convergence

Howard Stringer talks PSN convergence, TV and getting the PlayStation brand all over your house.

Sony Paying Gamers To Play Games

Sony will pay YOU to play the latest PS3 games. If you’re Japanese.

Sony Discontinue PS3 Keypad?

Sony bring out text chat, and then remove the ability to actually chat, if HMV are to be believed.

Sony Goes For The Casual Look

John’s at it again. Now he want’s some ‘soft’ pie. Mmmmmm Pie….