What If

What If: Aliens Exist

Obama is about to tell the world.. allegedly.

What If: Sony Say ‘We Quit’

The most upsetting question to date.

What If: There’s One Platform?

What happens if you combine time travel, tequila, and three of the industry’s leading executives?

What If: The Slim Launched The PS3?

The microwave works its magic again and this time, Sony cut years out of our timeline…

What If: OnLive Takes Off?

A damaged microwave finds our adventurers in a future of digital rental services!

What If: Wii Had The Power

Another week of time travel and another question answered…sort of!

What If: Microsoft Hadn’t Bought Bungie

Time travel is easy when you have tin foil. Oh and by the way, the future isn’t that orange.

What If: The Dreamcast Had Survived

Sometimes we all wish we could turn back the hands of time to see what would happen. Well, we can!