You Cost How Much?

Lots of price changes and a little bit of a rant.

Xbox 360 Price Hike

[Update] Either a great marketing move or a very bad decision

THQ Discuss Red Faction: Guerrilla Launch

THQ CEO, Brian Farrell, discusses the launch of their newest AAA game.

Xbox 360 Twitter/Facebook Info

Slim details about the Twitter and Facebook clients emerge

Microsoft at GamesCom?

Two stories for the price of one as Microsoft’s GamesCom offering is rumored.

Buying an Xbox 360

Thinking about buying a 360? Here are a few tips

Project Natal on PCs

It seems that Microsoft have plans to bring Project Natal to your PC.

First Mover Advantage – Part II

Surprisingly I’m still here, so it’s time to finish off what I started.

First Mover Advantage – Part I

We bring you change, and you get me. Too bad.

Xbox 360 “Maxed Out”

Chap from EA tells OXM their console has hit the wall.

Microsoft Press Conference: Not All Bad

TSA looks at what the 360 has and what it means for the PS3.

PS3 vs 360 In 2009

Two consoles, one year: surely this is the year this generation is decided.

Red Ring Of Doom

Timely appearance of RROD at Game training night

MS Dumps BluRay – Again!

It’s a bit more UMD than DVD, apparently. Like, whatever, love.

Xbox 360 Gets Blu-ray

Missing out on HD movies but don’t want to buy a PS3? Fair enough.

SCEE: Price Cut Time?

Microsoft drops Xbox 360 to £129. Sony, your move. And quick.

Tretton On FFXIII

Sony’s Jack Tretton speaks out on the Final Fantasy XIII issue.

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