Codemasters VP Speaks Out On Rumours

Storm meets teacup.

During an interview with Develop magazine, Codemasters VP Gavin Cheshire responded to speculation that half of the company was to be sold to Reliance Big Entertainment. Fans were concerned that this would potentially translate into UK lay-offs or a studio-wide move to India.

Cheshire put these fears to rest, clarifying that “it’s very much about Reliance investing in our skills and abilities over here in the UK” as opposed to any kind of big business hostile take over.

Fears were further allayed with Cheshire reassuring that Codemasters’ focus was set on new iterations of Operation Flashpoint, Dirt and Grid, which, contrary to the rumours, calls for a significant recruitment drive. A cursory glance over at certainly confirms that much.

Little has been said about exactly what Reliance Big Entertainment are taking from this deal, but it’s always nice to see international interest in UK talent.

Source: Tech Watch


  1. If Dirt3 has a proper UK rally i’ll be very happy.

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