New Dynasty Warriors 7 Screenshots

Mmmm, Drill Spear...

Want to get a better look at the four new combatants making their debut in Dynasty Warrios 7? Here’s your chance. This latest batch of screenshots from KOEI focuses on Ma Dai, Deng Ai, Guo Huai and Zhong Hui, both in and out of combat. Though the weapon choices are questionable, the character design and visual fidelity of Dynasty Warriors 7 looks stellar.

Did I mention there are also bonus shots of the re-vamped Sima Yi and Jiang Wei? Dynasty Warriors 7 ships next March in Europe.

Source: KOEI Warriors


  1. Who likes to Move it?

  2. Loving all the DW coverage Jim H, nice one! I’ve gotta say, the series has had some weird weapons but I think ‘magic brush’ really tops them all

  3. Thanks for the recognition t_b. I’ve always been a big fan of the series, and it has encouraged me to do some in-depth research into Ancient Chinese History. It may not have “Triple A” status, but I realise there is quite a large fanbase for DW, even here in the UK.

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