New PS3 Model (CECH-4000) Appears

A new PS3 model has apparently been spotted – coded CECH-4000.

The revision, details of which are unknown just now, was sighted on the FCC ratings website this morning, with dozens of Japanese blogs picking up the story immediately.


From the looks of things the label is in a different place, could this be a new casing?

Rumours of a new ‘slimmer’ PS3 have been circulating for months – whether or not this new sighting is anything to do with this we’ll just have to wait and see.

Sony rebranded and revised the first generation PS3 at Gamescom back in 2009. With the same event just a month away, could this mean another remix of the platform is on the cards?

Source: PocketNews, via NeoGAF.



  1. Interesting – picture 2 is the current Slim and picture 3 is the Fatty. So picture 1?

    This could be timely, my Fatty YLOD’d again this week, I shall hold off buying another Slim for now then!

    • YLOD’d?

      • Yellow Light of Death :(

      • Yellow Light Of Death.

        I’ll hold off replacing my fatty for this new model as well I think. Loads of rumours going around about it at the moment. No doubt we will hear about it very soon!

      • Oh I see and I thought it was just the slim’s that had that problem.

        While we’re on this subject, a word of advice never plug an XBOX360 HDMI lead into your slim PS3. instant death! as my brother found out :(

      • I’m not actually aware of any slims having the same problem – Not saying that is impossible of course, but phattys are definitely a lot more susceptible to it.

      • There were a few YLOD Slims early on mate, but that was more of an exception to the rule, unlike the colossal scale that Phat’s have “assumed room temperature”

      • I doubt using an XBox 360 HDMI could break your PS3…
        First time I hear something like this.

    • Sad times :( Working phattys are becoming an endagered species these days, my mates went last week, he was screaming bloody murder about being close to the Skyrim platinum!

      • Ouch. I hope he backed up his save. Fortunately EVERYTHING I have is backed up on the Cloud, to avoid such frustration. And I have a second PS3 so I’m still able to game.

    • The fix for YLOD is super easy, why dont you just take the motherboard to a laptop repair shop and get it professionally reballed?
      It’s the super cheap solder causing YLOD.

      • Trouble is that it is only in rare cases that this can count as a ‘fix’. Inevitably, most that i know of have died again after a matter of weeks/months.

        It is useful for bringing it back to life to do a backup/transfer of data though.

      • Reballing involves taking the CPU and GPU totally of the motherboard. Clean the mobo and get rid of the solder so it’s back to factory state. Then you can get high quality solder and stick the CPU and GPU back on. Should be good as new unless there’s an actual problem with the CPU/GPU.
        The CPU/GPU are soldered on, no different to a laptop so it should be easy to fix from a laptop repair shop. Your thinking of using a heat gun which is the temporary fix.

    • Give it a go. I dare you :)

  2. I think it stands to reason that a smaller version of the PS3 will come out. Sony has a history of releasing a smaller generation of consoles when the next generation of consoles is due to be released.Not only is it more cost effective to build but it also leaves a guaranteed source of income while also promoting a new machine,i.e the PS1- PS2 and PS2-PS3 release. I would not be surprised if it had atop loading drive like the PS2 slim,what with the wording changes in the latest firmware.

    • I hope it’s not top loading – That always felt incredibly ‘cheap’ to me when they did it to the PS2’s.

      • That would explain eject disk, being renamed to remove disk, as some here speculated at time of change.

      • The whole “remove disc” thing irritates me. They’ve made the change but its even more wrong now than it ever was.
        If the new model is a top loader, it won’t remove the disc, it’ll just open the flap leaving the disc still inside. For all older models it doesn’t remove disc either, it partially ejects it, so they’ve changed it so its now incorrect for all current, old and future models. Good work sony.

      • Similar annoyance for me, is when they added option explanations…
        eg. music settings – err change settings for music.
        chat settings – change settings for chat etc lol.

  3. I don’t need another PS3 but i would buy a new slimmer/smaller one DAY 1:P Now if it could only have PS2 playback…LoL:D I f**king said it again, i can’t help myself:D

  4. Needs a bigger HDD than currently available, FULL backwards compatibility and considerably smaller and efficient for it to tempt me into a sale.

    • “Considerably smaller with full backwards compatibility”
      That can’t happen mate, the full backwards compatibility feature requires a larger casing to fit the extra motherboard for PS2 playback….the Phat PS3’s were more or less two consoles built into one Phat casing!

      • Ahh ok, that makes sense. Thankyou for explaining that!

        Then I guess we wont be seeing Backwards Compat, which would be a major selling point. Pity.

  5. Maybe this one will support cross game chat :D lol

    • There it is!!

    • Cross Game Chat is something you’ll probably never see.
      PS3’s are bad at multitasking and always will be.
      The basic in-game XMB is slow as it is.

      • This is why posting on the internet bugs me sometimes as there are occasions that people think you’re being serious. Ah well.. cue facepalm and smiley :)

  6. I’m also calling the new revision a top loading design, also a retail of £129

  7. I don’t really get why they’ve done this, unless they’ve managed to signifcantly reduce manufacturing costs, it seems pointless. Perhaps this will release co-insided with a price drop?

  8. I already have two PS3’s but my 60GB isn’t trustworthy after it got YLOD and my 80GB fan seems to be getting louder every year and I don’t trust the cooling system in the 80GB. Why would Sony place the heat sinks in a stupid position!

    • I’ve never had any problem with my original ps3 (phat one) it seems more luck than design if your ps3 lasts longer than usual so I guess i’ve been lucky considering I bought it on release! I have a slim one now also that as you point out seems to be getting louder every year. I hope this new design has a bit more sense regarding the placement of the fan.

      • I also have had no problems with mine, i got mine when the 80gb came out and has been fine since then, only change ive made is upgrading the HDD to 250GB

  9. I wonder if it’s in any way related to the custom ps3 that Kaz Hirai received?

  10. This looks freaking astonishing, my PS3 just broke, I’m buying a new one on the 18th of July, hopefully it comes out soon! ;D
    (Otherwise I’m kind of stuck with a PS3 Slim!)

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