PS3 Firmware 4.20 Hints At New Hardware Revision

Firmware 4.20 arrived on the PlayStation 3 a few days ago. While there weren’t any major revisions, we did notice an overdue fix for the browser on top of the listed features. But there are a couple of other vague hints, picked up by a forum poster on Beyond3D that might back up some rumours we’ve heard before.

The XMB option for “Eject Disc” when you hit triangle has been renamed to “Remove Disc”. That seems like a very minor distinction but that’s perhaps the most interesting point about it. Why would they make such a minor change if there wasn’t a reason? This might indicate a top-loading disc drive like the one we saw in later revisions of the PlayStation 2 hardware.


In addition to that, the XMB’s references to the “Hard Disk” have also been reworded. It now mentions “System Storage” instead. Another very minor difference which seems futile unless there’s a change to the format of the storage on the way. Might we be seeing some solid-state storage in a later revision? Perhaps some proprietary form of data storage which isn’t interchangeable?

Some of us expected a slimmer, cheaper (to make, at least) PlayStation 3 to be shown off at E3 so these additional hints seem to give that rumour growing credence.



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  2. Perhaps it is the six times as powerful ps3 model that can’t play games, which Crazy Ken wanted to make?

  3. That ‘Remove Disc’ threw me right off at first – Mainly because it was so jarring to not see the ‘Eject Disc’ option, but also as it doesn’t do what it says anymore. With ‘Eject Disc’ you knew exactly what you were getting, but with ‘Remove Disc’ it sounds as though the PS3 will take the game out for you, put it back in the box etc.

    Not a silly assumption I don’t think. It only does everything after all.

    • If it cleaned your backside and fed you I don’t think anybody would need to move. Ever.

      • Well, maybe go to work to earn money to buy games, but apart from that… :)

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. I went to casually eject the disc via XMB and was a little confused when I saw remove. Utterly pointless change.
      Then I had to remove myself from my conformable position on the sofa to get the disc

      • Ah, so that’s why they have changed the wording – You clearly couldn’t ‘Eject’ yourself from your comformable position on the sofa.

        Unless you have an Ejector seat of course… & if you do, i want a go! :)

      • This must be why! Sadly its a simply boring Ikea sofa, no ejector seats to see here.

    • Maybe its to do with no optical drive. maybe it mounts the games instead of loading off a disc

      • That’s definitely not it. They wouldn’t just mount the disk image or whatever, they’d run the program if the games were all just digital. Either way the bluray drive is one of the most important part of a PS3, they’re not releasing one without a bluray drive. Just not gonna happen.

        “Might we be seeing some solid-state storage in a later revision?”
        No, guys, that would make zero sense from a business standpoint; Sony focuses on the end-user experience, they think of these things from every angle before implementing them. If you delete and reinstall games often the SSD would be ruined within weeks or a few months, plus they would have to either raise the price of the system a ton or only give us 40gb or 80gb drives in the new system. Not. Happening.

    • ‘Eject Disc’ sounded cooler :(
      ‘Remove Disc’ sounds so… bleh…

  4. I think I’ve noticed something new since the update……but it may have always been there. Unopened PSN messages now scroll through the text (or at least some of it) before you open them, so you can choose to keep them unread if you want. I noticed this using Remote Play on my Vita, so could just be something that is exclusive on Remote Play, but I’m almost certain I’ve never noticed the scrolling text before.

    I’d like to see another PS3 revision. Cut some costs in places, but add back in the cost of being able to playback PS1&2 games, and additional USB slots please.

    • Yeh, the Messages thing is a new feature, it’s great when people send you a message without a subject whilst you’re playing so you now get a quick glance at what’s in the message.

      • Oh cool, so it is new – it’s a nice little addition. Indeed, more than that I hate messages from people saying “READ NOW” or something. I think I’ll fucking decide when to read it, thanks ;)

    • “but add back in the cost of being able to playback PS1&2 games” The PS3 can play PS1 discs;) Shame about PS2 discs tho:( + 2 USB slots on the back would be cool to;)

  5. Thing is, remove disc is wrong as it only partly removes it, leaves half of it in the system. So thyve made that change so new models are correct (2% of models in houses?) But its incorrect for all current owners. Seems a bit dumb.
    Perhaps they changed it as “eject disc” makes it sound like its going to shoot your disc out, like an ejector seat in a plane.

  6. I’d be surprised to see another version of the PS3. The 720 will be released by Microsoft in the next couple of years, would Sony want to be playing catch up again? No. I think, although its intriguing that they have made theose changes in the update, I can’t see it being anything more than just a change for minor reasons. Could be wrong, but doubt I am.

    • I wouldn’t be that surprised at all. Sony probably won’t be making much money on the PS4 when it first comes out, so having a cheap to manufacture version of the PS3 would probably go a good way to subsidise that, with those who can’t afford the latest and greatest buying a nice low cost PS3.

      If it’s cheap enough, it could also be possible that they’re planning to release at around the same time as the Wii U to undermine Nintendo’s early lead.

  7. System storage … as opposed to cloud storage maybe..?

  8. I hope its a new PS3 with 16GB on board flash memory and slimmer with a price of £170.

  9. Solid state drives are coming down in price, I can see then fitting one, and offering a bigger cloud save system (for a fee)

    • Removing the drive and having some onboard flash would allow the PS3 to be smaller and is likely cheaper, though if they did that it would be nice if the system then allowed full access to an external USB HDD (encrypting it as necessary).

      There was a article back when SSDs started becoming popular that benchmarked a PS3 with an SSD. ISTR that it wasn’t a major improvement since the PS3’s disk susbsytem is so slow.

      • SSD isn’t a major improvement on the 5400 and 7200 RPM HDDs in a PS3 but I think I’m right in saying that an SSD runs much cooler, with lower power consumption. That might appeal to Sony if it reduces manufacturing costs?

      • Yup, the PS3’s innards bottlenecks it in some way so you don’t really get the benefit you’d expect except for shaving a few seconds off GT5 loading times.

    • A Google for SSDs shows that they’re still comparatively around about double (or more) the price of their spinny disc cousins. So a new cut price PS3 would likely struggle to make a significant price reduction unless the SSD were about 60GB.

  10. Toyko Games Show = NEW Super Slim PS3 :P
    (Well i would love to see that & would buy it DAY 1 to) ;)
    (+ if only SONY would stick PS2 playback in it to i would be MEGA-HAPPY, but it won’t happen, shame. Oh well)

    + The PS3 is not that Slim/Small really now anyway. I am sure SONY could make it Slimmer/Smaller.

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