PS3 Firmware 4.20 Hints At New Hardware Revision

Firmware 4.20 arrived on the PlayStation 3 a few days ago. While there weren’t any major revisions, we did notice an overdue fix for the browser on top of the listed features. But there are a couple of other vague hints, picked up by a forum poster on Beyond3D that might back up some rumours we’ve heard before.

The XMB option for “Eject Disc” when you hit triangle has been renamed to “Remove Disc”. That seems like a very minor distinction but that’s perhaps the most interesting point about it. Why would they make such a minor change if there wasn’t a reason? This might indicate a top-loading disc drive like the one we saw in later revisions of the PlayStation 2 hardware.


In addition to that, the XMB’s references to the “Hard Disk” have also been reworded. It now mentions “System Storage” instead. Another very minor difference which seems futile unless there’s a change to the format of the storage on the way. Might we be seeing some solid-state storage in a later revision? Perhaps some proprietary form of data storage which isn’t interchangeable?

Some of us expected a slimmer, cheaper (to make, at least) PlayStation 3 to be shown off at E3 so these additional hints seem to give that rumour growing credence.



  1. So a slimmer cheaper PS3 is all but confirmed then….;) of course not, but the internet will be unhappy still if this doesn’t happen at Gamescom/TGS regardless.

  2. It could just be something as simple as making the system text more globally friendly for translation or understanding. The changes are minor and seem to reflect the action or area of the system more fully.

  3. SSD is not gonna happen maybe a hybrid disk, but not pure ssd, to expensive still. System storage is just a better word for storage on the console vs. storage in the cloud.

    But bring on a super-slim, would be a nice upgrade until PS4 arrives in 2014.

  4. I can’t see them replacing HDD’s with SSD’s they’re quite a bit more expensive, it makes no sense, surely this late in the consoles lifetime they should just be trying to further reduce manufacturing costs?

    • I remember people were testing out SSDs and it made no advantage really?

    • But if you forget SSDs there’s a 4GB memory card Xbox, so you see where the thoughts are coming from

      • i.e. a memory card isn’t a hard disk drive

  5. If it’s a minor revision, hope they give it wireless N.

    No models currently have it yet, I don’t think?

    • Oh yeah and 5GHz support would be nice also.

      And usb charging! :)

  6. There can’t be a Super Slim PS3 as there was never a PS3 Slim

    • Aren’t current models classed as ‘PS3 Slim’?

      That’s what i thought i had! :S

  7. Probably not related but curious none the less, Kaz Hirai receives a custom ps3…

  8. I honestly didn’t think the ‘Remove Disk’ function was much of a significant change until I read this article, now it all makes sense, and now I feel that Sony are definitely making a PS3 remake, unless (most pessimistically) they bring the XMB-Display to the PS4, and both consoles get the the same system firmware updates (but then again, that’s “most pessimistically” and I doubt that’ll ever happen).
    Sony’s already got me hyped, LOL! ;D

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