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Rumour: PS4 Won't Launch In Europe Until 2014

But everyone else will get the machine this year.

Edge Online, in a curiously titled article, are claiming that the PlayStation 4 – set to be at least mentioned in passing on the 20th – won’t make it out in Europe until 2014.

“We’re told that PlayStation 4 will launch in Japan and the US by Christmas, with a Euro rollout following in early 2014, the delay attributed to the complexities involved in European distribution,” says the site, which is hugely disappointing to hear.

That said, this information goes against the grain of everything we’ve heard so far, but it’s not entirely out of the question. We won’t know until we get to the PlayStation Meeting, however, and perhaps not even until E3 months later.

The magazine also re-iterates other recent rumours, including a new controller, enhanced Move sticks and a better, dual camera array in place of the old PlayStation Eye. Hopefully all this will be put to bed within the month, and we can all just look forward to some games.

Edge also claim that Sony are aiming for 8GB in the PS4, to match rumours that Xbox 720 will also feature the rather bumper amounts of RAM.

Sony kicked off their teaser campaign at around 11pm last night.

  1. cam the man
    Since: May 2009

    With GTA V delayed until September and the new F1 game out the same time with the TSA champs (I hope) there’ll be plenty to keep me busy until it’s released over here.

    Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 16:33.
  2. avengerrr
    Since: Oct 2012

    Is no one concerned with actual price of this new console, along with the launch line-up. For a starters if it won’t play PS3 games then that is a load of good.

    Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 16:33.
    • Forrest_01
      Since: Jun 2009

      Price & reliability will be the main factors in whether people will be early adopters or not.

      I won’t be, as i have a feeling that it will be too expensive & the first few models will break, just like PS3.

      I hope they prove me wrong, but i doubt they will.

      Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 17:05.
    • avengerrr
      Since: Oct 2012

      Well it is nice to know there is some rational consideration out there.

      The PS3 is that good I can’t see the immediate need for a new console.

      Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 17:29.
  3. damoxuk
    Since: May 2011

    Would suck considering Europe is Sony’s biggest market for not only ps3 but vita.

    Depends on gap tbh if it’s less than 3 months I may wait any more hen i’ll invariably import.

    720 however will launch here this year most likely as UK is second only to US for xbot dominance.

    Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 16:34.
  4. MOVE
    Since: Mar 2010

    I would be very surprised if that happened. Japan has lost its relevance as a home console market. Personally, I don’t mind too much but delaying in Europe again (even if its less than last time) could hurt PlayStations position in Europe.

    Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 16:44.
  5. hazelam
    Since: Feb 2009

    the delay isn’t gonna be an issue for me, i don’t expect to be joining the next gen at the start.

    but i fear if true, what feature they’ll have time to pull out of the eu machine.

    wouldn’t be the first time they’ve made up a bullshit excuse to delay the eu launch of a console just to give them time to cripple a feature to save them money.

    Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 16:45.
  6. Tuffcub
    On the naughty step.
    Since: Dec 2008

    Europe is Sony’s biggest market. We should get it first.

    Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 16:56.
    • Forrest_01
      Since: Jun 2009

      Europe is also Sony’s unwanted child if SCEE is anything to go by! ;)

      Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 17:06.
    • avengerrr
      Since: Oct 2012

      Ha funny, I bet America/Japan will be a beta for the console so that when it releases in the EU the blog comments won’t be overloaded with shite and groans about how it doesn’t do this and that.

      Not to mention of course the store team.

      Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 17:32.
    • xdarkmagician
      Since: May 2009

      Thats why Sony can afford to wait with a EU launch, the frontline of the MS/Sony war is the NA market. Sony knows the EU market will wait, they won’t like it, nor should they, but most will wait. NA on the other hand won’t, most average (fanboys excluded) NA gamers will buy what ships first. The EU might be Sonys biggest market, but alot games are tailored for the NA market, if Sony completely looses the NA market it could destroy both markets as 3rd party game development could drastically shift to the MS side. In times of war, you gotta put the troops on the frontlines.
      If the delay rumors are true, the whole distribution reason could simply be a smoke screen to increase the NA stock. The more PS4s Sony can keep on store shelves, the more they can sell. Launch consoles are tough to find here, Sony could just be trying to out produce MS hoping if people cant find a XBox they’ll buy a PS4

      Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 20:11.
  7. The Lone Steven
    Never heard of him.
    Since: May 2010

    Why are they delaying it for the EU,their biggest market? They’ve shot themselves in the foot if the Xbox 3 proves to be very popular and capable of outpreforming some gaming PCs. Suspect SCEE may have asked for it to be delayed due to QA issues(read:they believe they may not have any coffee or tea left.) So not only do we get treated like crap, we also are last to get the PS4. Did we wrong Sony in some way and they are currently annoyed at us?

    I won’t pick it up untill a few years after launch, to see if it will be worth getting or not. Oh and hoping to have a job by then, may have something to do with that.

    Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 17:18.
  8. DJ Judas
    Since: Aug 2008

    It’ll be very annoying if we end up having to wait an extended period over other regions. For previous console-generations it was normal, but so were movies taking months to reach here, followed by years before they were available to buy or on TV compared to the mere months it is now.

    The world’s moved on and the average punter doesn’t expect to have to wait or be treated as a lower priority…..Just what level of uproar would there be if the US had to wait months and were last to the table?

    How much custom Sony loses depends entirely on Microsoft’s release schedule, which will almost certainly have the US, Europe and possibly Japan within a couple of weeks of each other.

    Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 17:33.
  9. Kivi95
    Since: Oct 2009

    I don’t get it. Nintendo could launch Wii U worldwide so why can’t sony do that???? Why would anyone want to release a console in Q1.

    Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 17:57.
    • Sympozium
      Since: Aug 2009

      the dates were close though?

      Comment posted on 02/02/2013 at 01:10.
  10. Pedromr
    Since: Oct 2010

    Meh… Was planning to buy mine by xmas, during my vacation month in europe… Guess I’ll have to wait or buy it for the absurd brazilian prices. PS3 still costs around $600 here… Launch price was a pocket melting $4.000… Maybe it’s time to go to ‘Merica!

    Comment posted on 01/02/2013 at 18:07.

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