New Screenshots For The Order 1886

A knight at night.

Sony have posted a bunch of new screens for The Order 1886 on their Facebook page.

The Order: 1886 is set in an alternate timeline where an order of knights protect the planet from half breed monsters by shooting them in the face with steam-punk weapons.

The Facebook page does say these are screenshots but I think a couple may be concept art, if they are not then heavens-to-betsy this is a good looking game.

Source: Facebook


  1. These pictures reminds me of dress style of Dune, that was steam punk too.

    • You are quite correct, I knew they looked like something but could not put my finger on it.

      • Wow, it never really occered to me that link. Great spot!

  2. I’ve got this on pre-order. It looks great, but I’m still keen to find out more before I’m fully sold on it.

  3. A number of these look clearly painted, but my oh my what compression. It’s hard to make out anything worthwhile.

  4. Hopefully they’ll release some bigger pics so we can get a proper idea, loks impressive though.

  5. Really want to see some gameplay to see how it’s actually going to play.

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