WeView Verdict: The Order: 1886

Well, The Order has certainly pulled us away from the negativity of Evolve. More importantly, while plenty of people seemed to completely ignore Evolve, Ready At Dawn’s exclusive has clearly engaged a lot of people.

Although there was a lot of positivity around the game, not everyone was absolutely in love with it. cam_manutd, for example, described The Order as “a work of technical and visual excellence” that was only lacking in one area: the gameplay. Kennykazey took a similar view, saying the game “does nothing new or particularly interesting gameplay-wise”. Others were slightly more forgiving, with JR. calling the gameplay “familiar but still perfectly refined and enjoyable nonetheless”, which beeje13 almost echoed when they called it “basic, but really refined, particularly the gunplay”.

The real sore spot for the game came in its length. While some defended it, with Tony Cawley calling it the “Perfect length” and Tuffcub praising the fact it isn’t “5 hours of game, padded out to 40 hours” like many other titles, some commenters were less pleased.

doug said they were “definitely disappointed by the length of the story”, while beeje13 felt it was “expensive for the basic length”. max also chimed in to say that some may feel “cheated if paying full price for the title since content wise it does not match other big titles”.

Lets change the tone slightly here and look at what people really liked. The game’s graphics seemed to be key for many, with Tuffcub calling it “stunning to look at”, and Lieutenant Fatman praising the “great graphics and atmosphere”.

Youles touched on this point too, calling the “environments and graphics… the best I’ve ever seen on a console”. TSBonyman took a very similar tact, saying The Order has visuals “which you simply won’t see on any other platform”. Even the somewhat negative cam_manutd called the graphics “freaking amazing”.

The game’s story was also generally well received, although a few of you did highlight issues. JR. felt it was somewhat “over-edited” and needed to “progress/unfold at a natural pace”, while max complained that it was far too linear.

We also heard from Tony Cawley, who enjoyed the story but felt that some “areas of the story could have been further explored”. However, they did also accept that perhaps Ready At Dawn were keeping something back for a sequel, which Tony would “definetly buy”.

For the final comment of the week I’m going to turn to Wozman23, who won me over with their positivity and speculation on The Order’s parentage:

It’s easy to praise the insanely stunning visuals and rich atmosphere, but its pacing and the way the narrative unfolds were the most impressive to me. It’s got an ebb and flow that really feels like you’re participating in a good summer blockbuster. ‘Cinematic’ has been a pejorative in many cases, but The Order does the term a favor. It’s like The Last of Us and Heavy Rain had a baby.

Finally we have the verdict. Even with the issues that some highlighted, The Order did very well. Six of you rated it as a Sale It, but the remaining nine selected Buy It as your verdict. Whichever way people voted, it’s clear that The Order: 1886 is worth reaching into your wallet to get hold of.

In tomorrow’s WeView we’ll be taking a look at LittleBigPlanet 3, while you can vote for next week’s game below.


  1. Hurrah!

  2. So glad the game was well received by the gaming community, as the review scores were disappointing (and unfair imo).

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion like for example I can’t get on with GTA. Reviewers I feel have the need to be picky about some things and then drop the score dramatically for it. Lots of ign reviews are like that.

      As for the order it’s a good game not bad by any means and enjoyable.

      • I agree, and I think the community (not just TSA) have shown those reviews – in this case – to be as you say.

        Such as story-heavy game may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t make it bad (hence my references to The Walking Dead in my WeView). The price is a major thing with The Order I guess, some people not seeing the value in a short story, but for me I’ve had far worse purchased for £40.

  3. It looks like a good game (albeit perhaps a short one as many have reported) & one that I would likely enjoy playing, but one thing that everyone seemed to skip over entirely was the fact that it seemingly wants you to have 50GB of spare space on your HDD. At least if the box is to be believed.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but that’s rather a large amount to be allocating to one title (over 10% of your HDD if you haven’t upped the storage size) & for me, the question is raised about how much I would actually invest in the game with other things that are taking up my time at the moment (namely Destiny, Borderlands & Dying Light). Why should I sit & wait for that to install if I am likely only going to be pouring an hour in here or there?

    Granted, I may finish it in that time, but that’s another matter! ;)

    … & to think, back in the days of PS3, I was concerned if install sizes crept over 5GB…

    • Pretty much every game these days needs 40-50gb, at least AAA titles.

    • It’s the kind of game you’ll put on your hard drive, play through, complete then delete. No point keeping it there eating up space as you’re unlikely to ever return to it. Get the platinum and move on.

    • You can begin the game within a few minutes, once the initial 6.4GB is installed – the rest installs as you play.

      Also, starting the game and reloading when you die takes about four seconds, iirc.

    • As Tuffcub said most games nowadays take up over 40GB of space.
      I just wish there was a way of keeping the update data and removing the disc installation data that way it will only take a quick install to replay. Especially given the current trend of 4-5GB day one patches.

      • I’l use this as a catch all to all replies, as I can’t be arsed replying to all (felt a bit much too!).

        Of the titles I mentioned above (using them as an example);

        Destiny is 40GB (likely now 50ish due to constant patching). I would expect that for a large constantly connected game though.

        Borderlands is just under 40GB for the two games I think, but that’s a remaster so we’ll discount that.

        Dying Light is 25GB. Huge open current gen world.

        Another couple of examples would be Far Cry 4 at around 22GB & Infamous Second Son at around 20GB. Both current gen, both open world titles.

        I know larger install sizes are to be expected in this day & age, but 50GB for realistic looking beards seems a bit much to me.

        Not a criticism of the game, just something that allocations need to be made for if you were looking to pick it up. Its a little off-putting for me is all, as my HDD space is depleting fast.

      • I would never take HDD space into consideration if I like the look of a game, but that’s just me. I think the HDDs are too small for current gen, but I guess it was choice to keep the costs down for us. To be honest – like Tony said – it’s short so you can just delete something else for a week, install and complete The Order, delete it and reinstall the game you deleted, it’s really not a massive issue.

      • I’ve played more than a dozen 30-50GB games, and I’ve still got 300GB+ left, and that’s with the stock hard drive. Just delete when you’re not going to be playing it. It takes about a minute to start playing if you reinstall, and your save data is kept separately.

        Although Pitcher-T points out the only problem here, the potentially large updates.

      • I checked how much space I’ve got on my PS4 last night, and according to the disc space section (whatever its called) The Order only took up 32gb. The biggest 2 games seemed to be GTA (around 50) and BF4 which was 60+.

  4. I picked this one up in the end though the comments on the previous article. Will give it a play over the next few weeks. I may be thanking you all for the experience later!

    • …Or putting a hit out on most of us ;)

  5. Great game indeed. Took me around 10-12 hours to platinum (2nd run through using a guide for collectibles) but enjoyed it all. Many questions unanswered, but that they could all be tidied up in a sequel.
    Perhaps a survival/horde kind of mode would help justify the initial release price, and to be honest is one more tick on the “things from other games” list The Order seems to implement. Much like Second Son – it is a game that once completed will be unlikely to receive another play-through, but would always be mentioned when discussing good games.

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