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Building A Thieves Guild On The Go In Antihero For Mobile

Skulduggery everywhere.

Antihero was a game I really enjoyed when it released for PC, and it even won our game of the year award for best strategy title. Antihero’s smaller scope focusses on fast matches set on taking over boroughs through burglary and infiltration, rather than conquering an entire nation, continent, world. That fast paced nature is what could easily make it a hit on mobile devices.

Thankfully the mobile version of Antihero hasn’t been pared back from the PC one. The full range of campaign missions, skirmish mode, and online multiplayer have all made it across without any noticeable difference in quality. If you already have an Antihero account set up through the PC version you can even use that same account on mobile devices.

The obvious main major difference is input when playing the game. The menus and actions have all been rejigged for touch input, with a tap of a finger allowing you to select an option. When this translates to moving units, you tap once on the character and then on where you want them to go, after which you confirm the action by pressing a little tick mark. You can also move around the maps by scrolling using your fingers.

The screen layout has been simplified for touch controls too. On the left hand side is the units menu allowing players to quickly select which character to purchase, while on the right is the guild menu button where you can purchase upgrades. The layout allows for players to get almost all the information required at a glance, which in turn can lead to quick decision making due to its intuitive nature.

The online portion of Antihero’s mobile port works very well too. On Android you’ll need Google Play Games to gain access, which you’ll likely already have. Once signed in to your Antihero account you can choose to partake in a live match or casual match. Live match is as you would expect where you face off against an opponent in real time.

Meanwhile casual matches are more asynchronous affairs allowing you to take your turn and exit the game, waiting until your opponent has time to make their move. Due to that these casual matches can take days to resolve. The two different multiplayer styles allows for people with not much free time to enjoy the game’s offerings just like those who prefer live games.

Game pricing on mobile can be pretty difficult to balance with perceived prices above the norm likely to turn away an audience much more used to free to play titles. It’ll be that barrier that will be most difficult for Antihero to conquer, sitting at $4.99/£4.99 on mobile marketplaces. The admission price is very much worth it in Antihero’s case though, providing a fun and engaging single player and multiplayer title that is very well polished.

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  1. Tony Cawley
    Pint! Pint!
    Since: Feb 2009

    This sounds tempting, I’ve got £15 sat in my Play account through the rewards programme. Might give this a go on your recommendation.

    Comment posted on 11/01/2018 at 10:46.