Minna No Golf Updated Again

Major new update patch to Minna No Golf 5 today, it’s all online stuff but the single player mode is pretty much perfect anyway. Here’s the full list of updates (some won’t come into play until tomorrow):

Euro Classic Tournaments can now be created.
Back Tee is also possible.
Intermediate Class Characters can now be selected in created tournaments.
New Camera Views added and also can now view the green while waiting in live tournaments.
Grade Ranking Tournaments will now begin.
Grade Rank Tournaments with more than 10 players participating will give the first place winner grade rank stats: Number of times in first place, Ratio of times in first place, Ratio of times top 20%, Number of times participated in grade tournaments.
You will now be able to receive more lobby character parts depending on your grade results.
Grade tournaments with less than 10 players will not give the grade rank stats and will also not receive any new character parts.