Warhawk Servers Down As Patch Hits

Just a note: the PSN/Warhawk servers are down until about 4pm, you won’t be able to play (although you might be able to update to 1.1) until then, it appears. Hang tight. We’ll have more soon.

Update: Well, as of 4.30pm the US servers are running fine, but owners of the PAL versions of the game still can’t connect – it appears the ownership label is blank and thus the XMB won’t let you sign on. We’ll update again once this is resolved.

Update 2: It now appears that this is because of the 1.1 patch, which appears to strip out the ownership field on PAL downloads once the patch is applied. No-one appears to be acknowledging this, but we’re off to the pub, so hopefully by the time we get back it’ll be up and running…