The PS3 In 2007

Along with our TSA Awards 2007 we thought we’d just try to encapsulate the first six months of TheSixthAxis and our ups and downs over the last half of 2007.

June was sketchy, as it was always our intention to launch the site alongside SingStar (it even looked like the SingStore interface at one point) but thankfully we decided to ignore the constant delays and got the site rolling on the 25th. With news that some game called Killzone was going to be shown at E3 hopes were high that Guerilla could match the 2005 pre-rendered movie. Oh, if only we could have just peaked into the future, just for a minute. With news that Microsoft were receiving 2500 dead 360s a day surely all Sony had to do at E3 was announce a price cut…

July marked our first review giving the wonderful Super Stardust HD a 9/10. We even got an email from HouseMarque saying they weren’t Swedish. Oops. We were the first fansite to have the first Killzone 2 screenshot later in the month, prompting much discussion around the internet – and E3 – well, we left that one to Sony to bore us all in a massively underwhelming display of nonchalance. But Chewbacca hey? Wow. Then it was straight into more 360 bashing with news that DiRT would be better on PS3, Moore quitting Microsoft and Jeff Bell making a real, well, bell-end of himself. Oh, and don’t forget Shane Kim not having a clue about stuff. Happily, in what would become our most talked out game this year, The GT 5 Prologue site opens and beautifully rendered cars would grace the TSA homepage for the rest of 2007.

August brought lesser versions of Madden, delays to key exclusives and news that GTA IV wouldn’t release this year. But don’t worry, we said, there’s still Wipeout, Little Big Planet and Home, right?. Whoops. In a rare displays of truthful journalism, we even thought to actually ask a publisher to confirm something rather than just purely speculating about something. Like, oh, I dunno, the Home beta (honestly, the tip was a good one) that resulted in the removal of several pages from TSA… But hey – at least Warhawk was still coming out and we’d be getting PVR digital TV early next year too.

September was the month of surprises, like the ability to make Lair slightly less bad, crazy mods for Ridge Racer 7 and the first confirmed Dual Shock 3 game. Activision bought Bizarre, too but PGR remains a 360 title. We also put a bit of effort into interviewing people and not asking them stupid questions (hi, Media Molecule!). We also won the best Fansite of the month over at Gamerzines.

October saw Bungie escaping the clutches of Microsoft and SingStar released two months early although we couldn’t secure a copy before stock ran out. We also published news of the PS3 price cut five days early which eventually would help UK sales. We had some fun with Warhawk with our jeep racing exploits and ganging up on Michael, trying to guess when Firmware 2.0 would be released and even had a go at doing a podcast. The demo of GT 5 Prologue was finally released and news of new Warhawk goodness started to filter through, proving that support for Sony’s PSN was only getting stronger. At the end of the month we got exclusive information on Firmware 2.00F resulting in one of our most popular stories of the whole 6 months – Ironing@Home will never be forgotten.

November was the first time Sony actually asked us what we’d like in future Firmware updates, and then released 2.0 anyway. The Uncharted hype train started rolling with a gorgeous press pack which we’ve still not worked out, and that brilliant demo, which sadly most UK gamers ignored, quite happily buying crap games instead of the brilliant first party exclusives we’ve been treated to this year. Ubisoft played safe with Rainbox Six Two Vegas Special Edition IV Remix and Jeff Minter had a dicky fit about why people bought Frogger instead of his game. We then got our Dual Shock 3 and broke all kinds of rules with our Veyron in Need for Speed ProStreet story. And speaking of breaking rules, Gerstmann was fired, possibly.

And so to December, as we started our countdown to SingStar in a clearly not-thought-through mini advent calendar. Total failure, but at least we got the review out on time. We then drank far too much beer in Birmingham, scooped the downloadable treats for Super Stardust and pretended FW 2.1 would be out soo
and would feature DivX playback. It was, and it did. Then we had to quickly learn about .net page caching as our Sneaky Stuff In FW 2.1 story broke our website thanks to N4G and about a million hits. Then we played Omega Dawn, ate lots of mince pies and did some awards. To relive the year in full, use our Archive tool to search back through the TSA vaults, and feel free to get in touch about anything you’d like. Except PS3 gaming, we’ve had enough of that this year.

Have a great New Year, we’ll see you all soon for 2008, and GT 5, Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, LBP, Home and Wipeout HD. And Eight Days, and the one that’s a bit like Crackdown, and the secret racing title we can’t talk about yet…