PSN Content: 17/01/08

Thursdays are officially FUN. Not because it’s payday, or that the milkman sometimes brings fresh orange along with the milk, or even that it’s nearly weekend. No, Thursdays are FUN because it’s that crazy game of guess-the-Store-content in which plot twists, cameo appearances and rubbish endings define the afternoon’s entertainment. Despite us saying we won’t get anything good until February we now have reason to believe that we might actually be able to spend some of our bulging Wallet money in a couple of hours time.

We’re learnt this morning that both Dark Mist and Everyday Shooter were originally primed to go last week but for some reason never made it out. This is in addition to Pain and High Velocity Bowling both having the 17th (that’s today, FUN fans) pencilled next to them, alongside Blast Factor Advanced. Yeah, it’s a complete backtrack from the earlier story we ran, but think of TheSixthAxis as a literal pouring of immediate thoughts rather than anything cohesive and structured. We’ll have the full list as it comes in.


We’re organic like that, see?

Update: Heh, it’s OK, normal service has been resumed, we’ve got bugger all. A nice demo of EA’s FIFA Street 3 is the highlight (and it’s not as nice as the 360 demo) but then it’s down to the usual Folklore and Guitar Hero III download content to fill the gaps. Our original post still stands then – fuck all until February.