Warhawk’s V1.3 Patch

Warhawk’s latest patch has been announced: V1.3 is incoming and bringing with it not just some new gameplay elements, but also some Home integration. Yep, Home integration.

Two new items for troops are included, which should add to the tactical element of the game. The Wrench allows a trooper to repair vehicles, while the Bio-Field Generator heals your own players and drains energy from the enemy.

The Home integration is the most interesting aspect though, as it teases us with the idea that Home is not so far away. We’ve been down this road before, so we won’t be holding our breath. Well, ok we will be holding it a little bit. Quite a lot. Look who are we kidding, we’ll able to freedive with Tanya Streeter by the time Home is released.

Rounding out the patch are new options for the Voice functions, and some new insignias and paint schemes.

No release date yet, but Game Director, Dylan Jobe is like an excitable puppy, so he’ll let us know soon.