Evolution Wants To Dominate!

Evolution want to ‘dominate reaction racing’ for years to come. They’ve certainly got the pedigree, with both their WRC games and Motorstorm being brilliant examples of the genre. However, if they want Motorstorm to be the dominant force in racing games, they need to ditch the frankly atmosphere-sapping structure of the current game, and replace it with something that more closely reflects the carnival vibe the rest of the package exudes.

Currently, everything is tightly bound to the classic-but-pants, ‘finish first to unlock this’ ethos. There is nothing more pants than this. Nothing. George Bush’s foreign policy is less pants. Britney Spears’s mothering ability is less pants. Westlife are less pants.

It reduces the game to a point whereby you only play to try and unlock stuff, and enjoyment goes out of the window as it’s replaced by frustration at finishing second yet again. Please end this nightmare and stop selling games to me whose components I can’t access. We need a classic tournament structure, points for positions, and all will be well.

We’ll still have Westlife and Britney and George Bush’s legacy though, sorry about that.