Warhawk: Broken Mirror

Over the last fortnight TheSixthAxis was lucky enough to do a little tour of Southern California, from Santa Monica to San Diego (with little stops in Mexico and Las Vegas for luck whilst we were there) and got to see lots of very cool things that sadly we can’t talk about just yet. What we can talk about though is the new add-on pack for Warhawk, entitled Broken Mirror.

Just like Omega Dawn, Broken Mirror will release shortly after the next patch (the aforementioned v1.3) and will feature not only a new mode of transport but also a new map, and will likely cost the same as Omega Dawn to download (the patch will be free however). Unlike the last download, though, Broken Mirror will focus on land combat as opposed to air, bringing the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) into play.


The APC (which doubles as a spawn-checkpoint whilst intact) can hold six Eucadians or Chernovans (including the driver), and passengers can shoot out of the sides of the vehicle as it’s moving, using their own weapons. The APC also has some powers of its own, however, being able to smash through most emplacements (including turrets and jeeps) that the enemy might throw in its path, and can also use its shield which comes with an EMP ability that will not only neutralise the impact of bullets but will also disable any Warhawks that come too close.

APCs are somewhere between jeeps and tanks in terms of speed, and come with a boost which increases speed but lessens manoeuvrability a little. The balance they bring to the currently air-biased gameplay is great, as we tend to prefer the ground-based combat over Warhawks and Dropships anyway. As soon as we get a date for Broken Mirror (or indeed, the 1.3 update) we’ll let you know.