Qore, The Fine Print

Qore got you excited? Put some ice on it mate because we just found fine print. SONY seems to have suddenly developed a devil of a hard on for ads because apparently, just like the future ads you will pay to see in your games, Qore also has forced ads.

Apparently someone at SONY wants Qore to fail, because between each segment in Qore your act of paying good money for the service will be rewarded with a forced unskippable 10-15 sec ad, enjoy.


With this, allow me to announce the ending of an era, the era of sympathy for SONY, which started circa GDC 2007 and was laid to rest today. Era of Sympathy for SONY, we hardly knew ye – salutes – and can only hope the new era of disdain for SONY that you give way to will treat us as well as you did, though we know it won’t.