News Snatch: No Blu-Ray For Xbox

This Edition: Kill Babies, Win Prizes! Also, ‘Panty Punching’ and a handy sign for SquareEnix.

Qore Delayed: PSPgo The Reason?

Was the PSPgo ‘leak’ intentional after all?

Does The UK Need Its Own Qore?

Seems like Veronica Belmont’s on her way to the UK, does this mean we’re getting a UK premier soon?

Qore 6 = Home Invite

Still not in Home? Still interested? We’ll tell you how to get an invite.

Qore MotorStorm 2 Demo

Am American? Got Qore? Get Motorstorm 2 Demo, then.

US To Get Resistance 2 Beta

Want to play Resistance 2 early? Be an American, ya whiner.