Qore Issue 1 Impressions

Qore, eh? It’s Sony’s new online ‘magazine’ that offers exclusive news, information and the opportunity to partake in selected game betas and demos. The first issue has just hit the US Store in the last hour, and weighs in at over 1.5 GB. Seriously.

First impressions are that the interface is seriously slick, as you’d expect from something produced by Sony. There are film trailers in there (the first is The Incredible Hulk) and a few Metal Gear Solid 4 ads. Oddly, it appears that Calling All Cars (the game you’re meant to get free with a subscription) isn’t quite ready for download yet, and obvously neither is the SOCOM beta.


The main menu contains links to Socom, Soul Calibur IV, Star Wars TFU and a few others, which all include gameplay videos and interviews, and are well put together. However, what isn’t impressive is the presence of adverts within the menu navigation itself, which are like the stupid in-between page ads you used to get on IGN, etc.

Whilst $2.99 is fine for the content, we’re not happy with the adverts. Either charge us more and get rid of them, or make it free, because this isn’t a happy medium, Sony.