Potential PSN Content: 26/06/08

Thursday’s are always fun, it’s when we find out just what gems we’re able to download from the PSN Store – so what’s this? It’s Wednesday, sure, but from this week onwards we’ll be taking a balanced guess at what tomorrow’s Store update might bring. So here we go:

Firstly, we think there’ll be a Beijing 2008 demo, with a limited selection of events so you can get a taster of the game before its release on Friday. If SEGA are on form, expect a trailer movie too. There’s also a slim chance of a NASCAR 08 demo for us Europeans.

We’re also expecting Elefunk tomorrow – it’s been down on the European PlayStation site as the 26th for a while now, so unless it’s changed at the last minute we should be building bridges soon enough.

American PS3 owners should look forward to a mass of Rock Band content, with the full album from The Pixies and a few tracks from Weezer, and chances are there’ll be some Guitar Hero III downloadable goodies too.

In terms of themes, expect Prince of Persia, Battlefield Bad Company and Top Spin 3, and elsewhere we’re told that the SingStar SingStore updates are on Thursdays now, although we don’t know whether they’ll be timed to coincide with the usual Store updates.

Finally, if SCEE and Q-Games have got their act together, we should be able to purchase the PixelJunk Monsters soundtrack for a couple of quid tomorrow too. As ever, we’ll try and ensure you’re the first to know when the proper update goes live, when all the above turns out to be complete rubbish.