Why Home Isn’t Open To The Press

We’ve been told time and time again that if you’re a member of the press, and that includes TheSixthAxis, you’re not getting into the Home beta. Tears aside, there’s a really good reason for that, and one that Kotaku have blatantly hammered home: it’s not ready.

Kotaku writer Stephen Totilo blogged yesterday that he had got the chance to sit down and experience Home first hand, presumably via an un-named friend’s PS3. Because said friend hadn’t actually used Home yet the canvas was blank, and nothing was pre-loaded. That, coupled with the simple fact that very few people are online right now created a very bare, load time-crippled environment, and not a great representation of what Home is all about.

Naturally, once Home is ready, and opened up to the wide world it’ll be more heavily populated and the kinks will have been ironed out, portraying a much more complete picture of what Sony are aiming for. Until then, the Beta is purely for testing purposes and releasing keys to every PS3 owner would be the wrong thing to do.

Hold off a few more weeks, see what’s announced at E3, and take it from there. As it stands, you’re not missing much right now.