Firmware 2.40 Videos Incoming

Our man Jeff Rubenstein has posted another ‘What We Read‘ blog on the Official PlayStation Blog, which is as cool as ever (thanks for the link Jeff) but it’s this snippet that’s got us all hot and bothered: “I know what you’re going to ask about, and because we don’t traffic in rumors and/or speculation, I invite you to come back to the Blog tonight (just shy of midnight Pacific). We’ve got a video to show you.

So, we’re finally getting the video confirmation we’ve been waiting for, patiently, for weeks: Firmware 2.40 is just around the corner. By our reckoning the videos will be up 8am BST for us in the UK, and obviously we’ll update our blog when they do. Jeff tells us he’s planning two videos, both about 5 minutes each: one will demo the in-game XMB features, the other the Trophies.


Sleep well.