Around The Web: 04/07/08

Another week, another list of news stories we didn’t feature on the site. Think of it not as us being lazy, but as us finding more interesting things to talk about, yeah? Besides, if you’ve read it elsewhere, why bother reading it here at all? In fact, why are you even here now? Shouldn’t you be working?

Sony’s mid-week nightmare begins.
PSN Store has new view mode.
Sony’s mid-week nightmare gets worse.
Guy YouTube’s his first Trophy.
RipTen do a ‘funny’.
US Store update.
Home won’t launch at ‘0.5’.
New WKS screenshots.
PlayStation site gets hacked.


And our biggest stories? There have been a few, with the site going down more than once this week (sorry about that) but it’s certainly been our biggest 7 days ever in terms of hits, so we hope it was all worth it.

Extra Stuff in FW 2.40.
We predict the future, but can’t count.
We make something up.
All the PS3 Trophies in one post.
The truth about Trophies.

Have a good Friday night, folks!