TSAN – Warhawk Server

Last chance to play on the TSA server this week.  It’ll be a Dedicated server again, but it won’t be ranked.  This will allow the server to be password protected so only TSA Friends can get in on the action.

TSA welcomes everyone on the server and you can be assured of a warm welcome from the regulars that have been playing with us lately.


We’d really appreciate your feedback, specifically on the performance of the server, but also on any other aspect of the proceedings.  Seriously, the more feedback we get the better we can make these events for you – so jump in and have your say.

Server Details

  • Date: 04/08/2008, 05/08/2008, 06/08/2008
  • Time: 19:30 – 21:30 (2 hours) – UK time
  • Server: LordMooch
  • Password: TSAN6
  • Warhawk Packs Required: None