Project: SCEE

We’ve been open recently about our thoughts on ThreeSpeech and its readership, and how SCEE and the weekly PSN Store updates are viewed as a derivative of SCEA’s more public-facing attitude.  In an effort to address the balance somewhat, we’re opening up the floor to you, our readers, the people that have stuck with us over the last 15 (or so) months.

So: what are your thoughts on SCEE?  How do you think they’re doing with the weekly updates?  What are your feelings on the price of games, the availability of demos and the delays of certain titles? What would you like to see done differently?


Any considered comments will be collated and we’ll make sure that SCEE read the finished piece.  We won’t be censoring or muting any comments, but anything ridiculous (no, we won’t be causing any pain to anyone) will simply be discarded.  If you want to be heard, now’s your chance.

Please don’t email us on this, we can only use comments on this post.