Future’s Digital PS3 Mag

Today, we’re pleased to announce the death of TSA and here are the details of our killer.

Future Publishing, Bath.

That’s right, the publisher of the ever lovely Edge magazine and a load of other shite is to release a weekly, on-console only PS3 magazine.  A bit like that Qore thingy, only this one will be good.  Maybe.

VideoGaming247 has more info, but let us paraphrase for you.

It’s going to be a powerful integrated media solution. 

Despite thorough research, we’ve yet to ascertain the problem that this is the solution to.  Unless, you know, you’re one of those spend-happy numpties that has to buy the latest ‘thing’ and then spend hours defending and justifying the purchase you know to be a waste of cash.

It’s a unique way for advertisers to connect with gamers.

This means it’s another opportunity for cash-hungry capitalist pigs to sell you the idea that your life will be for nothing unless you buy Pro Resistance Storm 4.

Admittedly that wasn’t much of a paraphrasing.  That’s because I’m in a mood brought on by certain unmentionable happenings that I cannot mention.  Look, it’s going to be full of high-def video content, reviews, news, and all that stuff.  As long as it’s not set out like the OPM, then it will probably be pretty good.

But remember, it’ll cost more than TSA and it won’t be funny.  Remember that when we’re dead.