WipEout HD Lands

We’ve just maxed the TSA Towers broadband line this morning, what with the LBP beta weighing in at a hefty 900 MB and now the final ‘gold’ version of WipEout HD (which can can categorically confirm is out tomorrow) streaming down our pipes.  It’s 2 MB shy of a Gig, and we’ll be bringing you the full lowdown on the release version of the game, alongside our full review, very shortly – in the meantime check out our hands-on impressions from last week.

It’s been a fantastic few days for the PSN, with Motorstorm 2, LBP and now the fastest racer on Earth.  Who needs Blu-ray, eh?

Update: can’t play online yet, retail server is down, but here’s my first 4 photo mode shots.  Managed to grab about 6 Trophies, too.