[G.A.M.E. 3.0]

Fed up of the 9 (count-em) tracks on WipEout HD already?  Well, a group of folk (including at least one name you might recognise) have got together to produce a concept album, based around WipEout.


“WipEout is a series that not only played great, but had a kickass soundtrack that fans of electronic music adored. And if you weren’t a fan of electronic music back then, it made you one,” says the thread post. “WipEout:HD continues this legacy of great licensed electronic music, but also allows for users to put in their own custom soundtrack into the game. So it makes perfect sense that our third project, “G.A.M.E. 3.0”, is dedicated to this game. “

Update: apparently at least one guy over at Sony Liverpool has been keeping an eye on the GAME 3.0 project, and has supplied the above artwork – nice!  You can also download the full pack from the official GAME 3.0 site now.