Home 1.0 Details

It seems like version 1.0 of Home isn’t far away at all now.  Community Manager TedTheDog (real name) has let us know today that over the coming weeks we’ll be hearing a lot about Home 1.0, starting with patch notes in the private Beta forums for those already invited, followed by the release of 1.0 to those of us with earlier versions.  Sadly, this won’t be this week, but it’s not far away.

Soon after, SCEE will invite a large number of additional testers into the closed Beta, ramping up the invites over a period of time, and the invites will include non-English speaking testers for the first time.  Languages covered will be English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, and the lists have already been chosen, so changing your language now won’t have any effect.


The date of the open Beta will be announced in advance, at which point Home 1.0 will be available to all, although this doesn’t imply the end of the road.  Ted says that the first iteration of Home will grow from that foundation over the coming months and years, so there’s plenty of development still to come.  Let’s hope that mythical 1.0 is soon, then…

Via the EU Forums