TSA Memes

Here at TSA we like to think of ourselves as pioneers of the PS3 fansite world.  The leaders.  The best.  The most awesome. We’re not, naturally, but it’s our massive heads that keep telling us we are.  Over the last 18 months we’ve seen some fun little memes come and go, here are some of the best – let us know in the comments if there’s any we forgot.

Haircuts: Started from this post about the Resistance 2 boxart and the screenshot with the Don Yuwanta Biscuit Company branding. Has since evolved into a standard TSA meme, encompassing the forum and the famous TSA Towers LittleBigPlanet level.

TSA Towers (LittleBigPlanet level): Probably the best thing anyone has ever done for TSA, AndyTorr’s outstanding TSA Towers level for LittleBigPlanet is supremely designed, laugh out loud funny and chock full of TSA memes.

£3.99: In reference to the ridiculous pricing of the first LittleBigPlanet t-shirt, resulting in quite a few related stories and usually ends up being quoted whenever anyone mentions anything remotely related to downloadable content which can now be measured in ‘t-shirts’. For example, Age of Booty, released on the 27/11/08, costs just over 1.5 t-shirts.

Source: Gets us out of all kinds of shit, usually. If you see a story suddenly disappear from the site, it’s because CollossalBlue ‘forgot’ to ‘blame’ someone else for the ‘leak’.

Stabbings and Rain: What we really wanted to see from Life With Playstation, instead of recycled AP news and webcams approximately 25 pixels across that seem to randomly select any old time of the day to make us think the feed is live. Clearly a joke not understood by all, but has multiple uses.

TSA’ers: Apparently we have readers, although if the unofficial TSA Playfire Fanclub is anything to go by, not many. Apparently the site is worth $25,000. We’ll take a cheque.

Tequila: The drink of choice at TSA Towers, although Michael only drinks pure fire, so it’s really just me. Probably excuses my massive proportions as the end of level boss in the TSA Towers LittleBigPlanet level.  Occasionally mixed with reviews often to hilarious effect.

Flat: A little joke we put out a while ago pretending that a new, lite version of Home was coming, called ‘Flat’. It was meant to be an April Fools, but we were a month early (damned calendar) but that didn’t stop people believing us and then lots of sites ripped off our ‘exclusive’ which we thought was brilliant.

Don’t be a nob: The only rules of our forum. Sure, other sites might make you agree to all kinds of crap, but we don’t. Just don’t be a nob. Simple. Since transcended TSAN nights and become a feature of news posts – “Sony has been a nob” – and forum chatter – “I liked Haze, or have I just been a nob”?

Any more?