Burnout 1.60 Out Now


The fabulous guys at Criterion have delivered again, with the latest free update for Burnout Paradise. The contents of  the pack were reported here a while ago, but for those to lazy to click (and to pad this post out a bit) I’ll put my nifty Cut and Paste skills to the test.


+ In-Game Store – Allowing you to easily buy the new content packs.

+ Vehicle dynamics changed – Tweaking of handling for some cars.

+ New performance display – The way that the cars performances are displayed has been changed to make it more easy to compare cars.

+ Junkyard filter – Pick between cars, bikes, Legendary Cars, Toy Cars and Boost Specials.

+ Stunt Run – Countdown timer to be slower, until you reach high multipliers.

+ Events Rebalanced – Speeds of rival cars and Burning Route times to be change to accommodate new car speeds.

+ Road Rage – Time will no longer be added when you hit target number of cars.

+ Visuals – Billboards, Smashes and Super Jumps now in new colours for added visibility.

+ Lighting – More vibrant visuals.

+ Restart – You can quit or fail an event and choose to restart it.

+ Barrel Rolls – Hit a split-ramp and barrel rolls now automatically right themselves.


Criterion are letting everyone know of some problems with the download due to the undoubted huge demand, a post on their website quotes

“We’re encountering a technical issue with the in-game web page for PS3 and PC users.

If you update the game today to version 1.6, you’ll experience a white screen issue relating to the pages we’ve created for the in-game browser. The text will read “Error. FW-1 at fefw01_ixe-lhr: Failed to connect to the WWW server”.

This is currently timing out due to overwhelming demand.

On PS3, hit triangle and then “EXIT”, then choose “Yes” to “return to the game screen” and continue playing Burnout.”

***Update 2***

Criterion have now confirmed that the ealier issues, which related to the in-game web browser functionality have now been fixed


Also, if all the already announced updates weren’t enough check back tomorrow for a brand new Burnout premium game pack announcement.