Keeping Mum

I get told stuff. Lots of stuff. Most of it I wouldn’t dream of putting onto TheSixthAxis. Tonight, just a half hour ago, I got told something by someone who you would assume also gets told lots of stuff.

So what do I do? The information I now have is about something we broke a while back, and whilst not exactly earth-shattering would guarantee us masses of hits if it went to press – but to what end? The person who told me might get involved, and that wouldn’t be good. And the company (and game) in question, too.

You know, we don’t go chasing hits – they might look good on paper but the traffic would be the sort that wouldn’t come back – eat up our bandwidth and don’t click any ads – and it wouldn’t do the site any favours in the long term.

So what’s the point of this blog post? Well, to see if you can work it out, of course…