Killzone 2 Patch List

Judging by the hysterics of some gaming websites you could easily be mistaken in to thinking that Killzone 2 has been one  of the buggiest game launches ever.

Obviously these sites haven’t let the fact that it isn’t majorly buggy get in the way of a good story, but this fact  hasn’t stopped Guerrilla Games releasing a list (over on the forums) of fixes for minor bugs and annoyances that they are working on, and will be sorted in a forthcoming patch in the very near future.


Obviously one thing which has already been partially solved was the obligatory stat padding bug which blights most online multiplayer shooters.

Next on the list:

We’re working on a permanent solution for the bots stat padding and have some internal solutions that we’re going to work on implementing.  We’ll let you know what those are when we’ve got the patch together and the solution implemented. 

We will NOT be wiping ALL stats and padders will be looked at individually by the moderators.

Charge disarming
We have identified the issue where sometimes the C4 charge in Search and Destroy will not disarm.  Will be fixed with the next update. 

Shotgun Aim Assist
Investigating the problem and will patch it up. 

Clan Games
Sometimes the clan that does not turn up for a match is awarded the win under specific circumstances.  Will be patched ASAP. 

Battle Replay for Map 8 – Corinth Crossing
The BR on is not quite right and will be fixed soon.   

Ignore list
Was found not to be functioning correctly.  Will be fixed in the next patch. 

Crash when using Saboteur disguise in certain situations.  Will be fixed in the next patch.
Infrequent crash when trying to start a game with an empty game name.  Will be fixed soon.

There is an issue with the Assassination target HUD icon displaying when playing as a Medic.  Investigating and will be fixed.

Interesting Guerrilla seem to be bowing to popular opinion regarding the apparent sluggish controls, and have said “We have not stopped looking into the complaints and will see what we can do about it.  Any possible changes will have to be carefully implemented and tested before being deployed though. “ Although personally I can’t see a problem. is also receiving so much work to find a permanent solution for the massive traffic the site is receiving.

One major bug they don’t seem to have acknowledged however, is that the stats are reporting that I’ve died twice as often as I have killed, a pretty major bug I’m sure you’ll agree.