Still Moaning About Killzone

It’s funny: I didn’t have any issues ‘adjusting’ to the aiming in Killzone 2.  Whether that’s because I had actually played another FPS bar Call of Duty 4 or not, I don’t know, but it seems that the latest thing to complain about on Planet PlayStation are the Killzone 2 controls.  I feel sorry for Seb Downie, who has had to make this post in the Official Forums (where, it seems, most complainers like to collect) talking specifically about the game’s heavier aiming.

“We have not decided if we are going to do anything to the controls.  We are investigating,” he says, and “if we change them, we have not said how.  No reason to get upset.  We are not going to turn them on their head.  It would not be sweeping changes.”  Good, because they don’t need changing.  If people are going to dance back and forth between KZ2 and COD4 then sure, one is more sensitive than the other, but there are absolutely no problems with the Killzone 2 controls.


“Any potential changes made will be carefully analyzed and tested to ensure they do not negatively affect players who do not experience any issues,” he concludes.  Put it this way, if you make them super sensitive just to satisfy a few moaners, I won’t touch the game again.  We’re discussing this issue in our forums, here.

Tip: Jonny_Bolton