Cross-Game Chat Unconfirmed

We posted earlier in the week that a member of SCEA’s moderator team had ‘confirmed’ cross-game chat and a few other goodies, but the original comment on the US Blog now has a cute addendum retracting the statement that inferred the features were indeed coming to a Firmware Update near you.

“Guys, some clarification seems to be needed on my above comment, apologies for being misleading,” says CydoniaX’s second statement. “I was talking about voice chat for Home in general being worked on, not specifically about voice chat across games or voice messaging on the XMB.”


“I can see how my quick answer was taken as a confirmation on all 3 items, but this is not the case.”  Looks like any new Firmware that may or may not arrive this week won’t feature those new additions, then.  Perhaps 2.70 will just move the battery level indicator then, surely that’s worthy of a point release.

Thanks to Phily50 for spotting this.