PlayTV 1.10 Now Released

You no doubt heard lots of things about PlayTV last week, specifically the promise of a brand new software update which was due soon.  Well, that update, 1.10, has just gone live this morning.  The biggest difference is that the PS3 will now do your upscaling from SD to HD, rather than your television, which normally brings better results, but there’s a few other nice new additions too.

Firstly, you can now adjust the volume via the Blu-ray remote which means you won’t have to fiddle around for the main TV remote when you can’t hear Richard Hammond, and on the same wavelength there’s now some degree of normalisation from channel to channel, meaning that the Hamster will carry just the same audible weight as Tiff Needell on the other side.  It’s a nice feature and one only seen in the top-end equipment, which is great to have.


The other tweaks are somewhat minor in comparison: you can now toggle switch back to the previous channel (see above analogy) and you can now set PlayTV to go straight to Live TV rather than presenting you with that horrible carousel menu every time you boot it up.  Anyone hoping for a “reminder” function will be disappointed though, it’s still impossible to get PlayTV to switch over when something good comes on, and there’s no series recording either yet.  Still, they’ve added a faster rewind speed.

Thanks to Mike for the heads up.