Bioshock 2 Gameplay

This sequel is set 10 years after the original game, young girls from coastal towns are being kidnapped by strange thin attackers wearing ‘red lights’. This kidnapper is Big Sister, one of the original Little Sisters who has fashioned herself after one of the original games Big Daddies, she has taken over Rapture and destroys anyone who tries to break her balance of power.

You play the part of the original Big Daddy who somehow survived the goings on of the original game, and again you can capture Little Sisters from other Big Daddy’s and are faced with the dilemma of whether to harvest them to gain more ADAM or this time actually adopt them, where they can harvest ADAM from corpses for you, if you can keep them safe from the Splicers that is.


Bioshock 2 should launch with multiplayer features, although specifically they will not be co-operative play.

Before all this talk of Little & Big Sisters, and Big Daddies starts to sound to incestuous just have a first look at some of the gameplay in this new footage, and yes that is you swimming.

Official Site: Something In The Sea.