Batman: Arkham Asylum Delayed

I didn’t like The Dark Knight.  Am I allowed to say that?  Sorry, I just thought, despite Ledger’s wonderful performance, that the whole thing dragged on about an hour too long and Bale looked bored.  That said, the upcoming Arkham Asylum was looking like a much better trip into the dark underworld of Gotham, well, until the delay rumour appeared this morning.

It seems that Game Informer has been told that the Eidos produced title will no longer ship on the 23rd of June, but instead a “fourth quarter 2009” timeframe is being banded around.  Naturally, at this stage neither Eidos nor Warner Bros were prepared to comment on this possible delay other than the usual “no comment”, so until we hear otherwise the game is still due for the Summer.

Update: An Eidos rep has told VG247 that “Batman: Arkham Asylum is currently scheduled for a summer 2009 release date.”   Currently.

Source: GameInformer, tip: xzero1299-PR