TSA Podcast Rebooted: Issue One

Yes, it’s back.  We’re missing an intro/outro – they’ll be there for next week’s show, but in the meantime, we’ve got a great podcast for you trimmed down to a lovely 30 minutes of banter from the guys behind the site.  In this week’s show we’ve got Liam, Greg, Nick and myself going over the main features on TSA, a remix of Michael’s TSA Rap and a rather self indulgent bit of music from me.

Click here to download. [30 mins, 20 MB]

In the show this week:

  • Introduction from Liam
  • What we’ve been playing
  • The TSA Rap [Nofi’s electro remix]
  • TSA E3 Bingo
  • PlayThru: The Darkness
  • Amazon feels the “TSA Effect”
  • Nofi: Monkey Business
  • TSA Killzone 2 Clan Update
  • Hello from the new guys Liam And Greg

Links mentioned in the show:

Hopefully it’ll all sound OK, so please let us know what you think. If you’ve any comments at all (not on the audio quality, that’s a necessary evil just now, sadly) please let us know in the comments or via the usual routes and we’ll try to get your suggestions implemented into the next show.  And before anyone mentions it (as you always do)  I’ll get it up on iTunes as soon as possible.

Update: intro and outro added, 2nd music track shortened.