GT5: Weather and Damage Included

Providing yet more proof that all we do every day is watch our twitter feeds, here is some news that was recently tweeted by OPM.

GT Planet have picked up on an interview between Audi and GT’s head honcho, Kazunori Yamauchi.  It seems Audi have produced some marketing material where they talk in detail about the inclusion of the R8 in the game.  A sidebar on the final page of Audi’s PDF contains the interview with Kaz.


The interview is printed in German and GT Planet have only an automated translation up on their page.  So if any of our readers fluent in German can take a look and provide a better translation of the more interesting parts of what Kaz had to say, in the comments below, we would be grateful.

The key points that come straight from Kaz himself, rather than someone waxing lyrical about winds, are that GT5 will include changing weather, night racing and car damage.  There is also a mention of features for the online community, but no specifics on what they might be.

With those inclusions GT5 will be catching up with the the other car sims that pack the grid.  Whether it can put a strong enough package together to regain its place at the front of the field, instead of just being the prettiest one, is something that perhaps we will discover during E3.