SCEE: Home Will No Longer Be Crap

I saw this yesterday but wanted to hold it over until today, there’s always a chance that today, being Wednesday, will mean there’s nothing to talk about.  It’s that Wednesday thing, you know?  Regardless, what we have here is great news for Home fans in general, with a more open attitude and a better focus on bringing us the content we want rather than pointless virtual footballs you can’t even kick. Let’s have a shufty.

Essentially, it appears that the European Home team has finally realised that we don’t give a flying donkey about clothes, especially the ones we have to pay for, and Community Manager TedTheDog (real name Ted) has publicly stated that instead of focusing on trying to make their users’ hipster avatars look even more ridiculous, they’re going to focus on what Home was meant to be about in the first place: Spaces.


“Let’s be honest,” says Ted, “SCEE Home is behind the other regions in the number of Spaces we have to offer. ” Finally! It’s like a light bulb flicking into life. “That’s not to say we dont have some really good clothing and furniture, we’ve actually got some excellent partners in the Shopping Centre. But overall, we’re short on Spaces in general. In isolation we don’t think this makes SCEE Home a bad place but we fully understand the regional comparisons and why they’re made.”

“In the spirit of openness being requested of us, and that we’ve committed to, we’re going to say what we’re going to do about this and in short, we’re going to switch our priorities to the production of Spaces for the foreseeable future. We will continue to support our partners in the Shopping Centre but our primary focus will be to improve our output and range of Spaces.”

Much better, Ted. “The transition from one to the other will take some time but we acknowledge that trying to do both lines (Spaces and Content) at the same time is something we do not have the resources to do currently here in the SCEE team. We have just recruited a new Production Assistant to help tackle this and once this person starts and is up to speed you should start to see improvements.”

Essentially, SCEE had been concentrating on creating and selling tiny bits of furniture, and although obviously we don’t have access to any stats to prove this either way, we’re willing to guess that sales of the needless trinkets have been in decline for a while. Spaces, on the other hand, can be financed by the publisher and are a much better promotional tool because they are often something people want to explore.

“Our first task is to get up to date on some of the older content that we’ve been missing for a while now. For example, Uncharted and Warhawk and the update to the Resident Evil 5 space. Then bring you some of the more recent spaces like Guitar Hero and then finally ensure we’re able to release new Spaces at the same time as the other regions whenever possible, and theres a few of those coming your way. ” Ted mentions that there’s currently 17 in the ‘queue’ for porting, and although not all 17 will make it, we should start to see the Spaces that fill the US and Japanese Homes in our European version in the next few months.

Ted has also confirmed that the Home team will try to commit to letting us know what’s coming at least a week in advance so there’s always a clear funnel of information, meaning Home users will know what to look out for rather than having to stumble around trying to see what’s new. All this is excellent news, and we welcome these changes with open arms. Now, if they could only do something about the PSN Store updates too, letting us know perhaps on Monday what’s due, that would be lovely and might even save our bandwidth a bit every a Thursday.

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